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Clay Extruder Set

This is an indepspensable clay tool and has 19 interchangable discs for making various designs as sh..

₹800 ₹600

Codiform Non Air Hardening Fluorescent Clay (8 Fluorescent Colors)

Special Features Starch base modeling material Good for the use of a clay animation Very s..

₹180 ₹144

Sakura Paper Clay

Features Weight - 100gms White Colored, Premium quality , velvety Weight of wet clay is ju..

₹200 ₹160

NARA air hardening Clay - Teracotta (500 gms)

500gm Terracotta Colour Natural clay is a heavy weight kind of air dry clay. It comes from real eart..

₹150 ₹135

NARA Pottera Natural Clay (500 gms)

Nara natural modelling clay 500gm is a perfect supplement for developing creativity in your little..

₹150 ₹135