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Have a look at our assorted collection of one of the World's best clays.

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Clay Extruder Set

This is an indepspensable clay tool and has 19 interchangable discs for making various designs as sh..


Codiform Non Air Hardening Fluorescent Clay (8 Fluorescent Colors)

Special Features Starch base modeling material Good for the use of a clay animation Very s..


Mungyo Sculpt Dry - Peach color Air Dry Clay (500gm)

Special Features Weight - 500gms Peach color Solid & Robust without heati..

₹150 ₹140

Mungyo Sculpt Dry - Terracotta Air Dry Clay (250gm)

Features Weight 250gm Color : Terracotta The finished dried product will be Robust & S..


Natural Clay - Grey (250 gms)

Fine quality natural clay for your master piece Dry Naturally Easy to Shape Recommendat..